Saturday, April 27, 2013

HW and resources.

its a repeat of last weeks HW.  5 thumbs, one final.  

Demos from class.

Austin Berry Landscape #3 HW

Yukai Yang - Environment

Connie Barrett - Another Environment

Sketches and inspiration for Environment 3:

Quick 30 min adjustments on environment 2 based on feedback in class.

Justin Fong Week 13 Homework

Andrew Viglione Week 14 Homework

Terrance Finley-Moore 3d linework Assignment

Bug Bots Sung J Woo

Week 12 HW: Kaitlin Dillon

Week 13 Homework - Justin Dunleavy - Sketches and Detailed Thing

Linework Drawing and New Scene

Detailed Line-Work, Mayan Temple

Transport Aircraft Concept - Line Drawing - Ricky Chiu

Connie Barrett - Environment

Paintover mixed with render:

Linework Only:




Homework: Week 13

Saturday, April 20, 2013

hw and resources

assignment due 4-27-13

5 more thumbs.  take one to a finished line drawing.

in class demo.


Justin Fong Week 12 Homework

Environment Painting - Ricky Chiu - Dark Souls

Austin Berry HW 3D landscape


week 13

3d Block Ins and Thumbnails