Saturday, February 23, 2013

week 5 hw

HW and resources

Assignment due 3.2.13

Draw 6 environments totally using 3 point perspective.  3 images looking up and 3 down.

paint overs from class

Amination perspective blog

Week 5: Scale & Depth: WIP

Week 4 HW Sung J Woo

Week 4 Homework - Justin Fong

Douglas Florence Perspecitve week 4 hmwk

Testing out new tablet when I was doing these

Terrance Finley-Moore Week 4 Scal and Depth HW

Homework Week 4 - Justin Dunleavy

Austin Berry Week 4 HW

Week 4 HW: Kaitlin Dillon

Homework Week 04

Ricky Chiu - Wk3+Wk4 Homework

Connie Barrett, Scale and depth homework